Dylan Harriman

As if the world in 2020 wasn’t already chaotic and ever-changing enough, November saw Instagram decide to change the layout of its home page in a drastic way, which floored users of the app as they expressed their dislike of the new format. Here is what it looks like:

Okay, fine, so the changes might not look all that drastic initially, but take a closer look at the toolbar at the bottom of the Instagram homepage. What are those things? …

A young college student discusses what it’s like to balance healthy sexual communication in a threesome while losing your virginity.

By Dylan Harriman

On a hot summer night some time in 2019, Allen Jacobson was standing in front of a door to a bedroom, ready for his life to be changed. He was young, just an 18 year old student coming off of his first year in college. Allen was about to have sex for the first time in his life.

In many ways, Allen’s experience was destined to be average, from a statistical standpoint. According to a 2011–2015 CDC…

Entrance Sign to Brand Park in Glendale, California

The world was placed on pause in March of this year when COVID-19 hit the global stage. Office buildings, universities, and entire cities were shut down to stop the spread of the deadly virus. But this pandemic did not just affect Harvard University or New York, it had a direct impact everywhere, including in one tucked away oasis in northern Glendale, California, called Brand Park, a combination public space and library.

Founded in 1956, Brand Park had seldom shut its doors to the residents of Glendale. That is, until it completely closed one weekend in April, 2020 when park officials…

Signature: A sign put up by the city on the baseball diamond’s home-plate fencing reminds us that there won’t be any little league baseball or soccer games here for the foreseeable future.


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